Construction Industry Scheme

If you are a contractor or subcontractor the Construction Industry Scheme  applies to you.  Are you compliant?

Here at Payroll Services UK we have you covered, no matter what your business status.  Large or small scale companies,  contractors or subcontractors we can handle all matters related to the scheme.

Avoid penalties, delays and any hassles.  We know that the standards of the scheme can be arduous and confusing.  You do not want to hit with fines related to non-compliance.  These are definite costs that one does not want to pay as part of running your business.


Are you a contractor or a subcontractor or both even?  What is involved with each?

Our experience and passion will allow you to focus on the really important matter of running your business.  We are completed focused on you as the contractor.  With a proud history of creating solutions for our clients, we are enabled to deal with any potentialities.  You can kick back and relax knowing that all your needs are being met.

We are an independently based business and consultancy.   Our home base is in beautiful Cardiff.  Thanks to the marvels of modern technology we can assist you no matter what area of the United Kingdom you are located in.